Law Firm Websites (and Why They are Useful!)

websites for law firms

Fundamentally a website is a collection of related webpages belonging to a single domain. In a law firm context – a firm’s website is central to the firm’s digital marketing strategy in that it is connected to every other digital element that underpins all the firm’s online activities to create an integrated online presence. In […]

A Brief Summary of Digital Marketing for Law Firms

digital marketing for law firms

If marketing is about matching the law firm’s capabilities with the needs of the client, digital marketing is about the organisation matching its online capabilities with those of the client. For example: Online client needs Organisation’s online capabilities To find the organisation’s website Develop website, keyword strategy, search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click […]

Direct Marketing for Law Firms

direct marketing for law firms

Direct marketing is used by organisations to communicate intermediary-free with their target audiences. Communication channels can include mail, telemarketing, mobile/SMS messaging and email. Why is direct marketing relevant to law firms? The benefits of direct marketing are: Maintaining contact and dialogue with existing clients. This is particularly useful between instructions when you would otherwise not […]

Managing an Event (and How to Do it Properly!)

Event management is about creating and developing events and conferences to meet marketing and business objectives. There are three main types of events: product, corporate and community events. Product and/or service events: focused on creating awareness, generating interest (usually through media attention) and increasing sales, typically geared to new product or service launches. Conferences and […]