Law Firm Marketing Tactics: Communications

In other blo posts here, here and here we have discussed developing marketing objectives and strategy as part of the marketing planning process. Now we will look at deciding which marketing tactics that can be used to execute the marketing strategy and in turn achieve the marketing objectives. For the purposes of this blog marketing […]

Creating a Marketing Plan for a Law Firm

Law firms operate in complex environments in which many environmental and internal factors affect their ability to meet client needs and achieve organisational objectives. Those responsible for marketing within firms need to be rational about their marketing decisions. Marketing planning helps firms sharpen this rationality so as to reduce the complexity of the challenge they […]

Law Firm Marketing Plan (Doing an Audit!)

Before embarking on a programme of marketing, your firm must first assess where it is now, what has been done in the past and what it needs to do in the future to achieve its objectives. Conducting a basic marketing function audit A basic marketing function audit will help your firm’s marketing activities to become […]

Putting Marketing into Practice at your Firm

At the heart of the relationship between a law firm and its clients are the legal services the firm offers or sells which must match the needs of its clients. The process of creating this match is complex. The key question every law firm has to ask itself is: “What will make a potential client […]

What is ‘Marketing’ in a Law Firm Context?

The main purpose behind marketing is to match the legal service providers’ capabilities with the needs of clients in order to achieve the objectives of both parties. (Marketing planning for services, Payne & McDonald). A law firm has the capability to provide legal services e.g. conveyancing, family law, will writing and probate. A client has […]

Marketing of Legal Services

The market for legal services looks vastly different today than it did 30 years ago. As one of the oldest professions in society, lawyers protected themselves for centuries through strict self-regulation, and even imposed a ban on advertising. This high level of protection had the effect of stifling competition and arguably progress, making the market […]