Legal Content Writing (Tips to Get it Right!)

legal content writing

We now live in a world where ‘interrupt marketing’ has seemingly failed. Media channels have become more fragmented and audiences have closed themselves off to the traditional means of marketing. People expect to choose when, where and how they see and consume ‘content’. The proliferation of online channels opens up significant opportunities for law firms […]

Law Firm SEO Marketing

law firm seo marketing

Many law firms bemoan the shifting landscape that Google and wider advancements in technology have brought about – namely, the intensifying competition for firms as access to services and suppliers becomes easier for clients. As the ‘home’ of information, Google is essentially countering traditional perceptions of the legal marketplace by presenting people with more choice […]

Direct Marketing for Law Firms

direct marketing for law firms

Direct marketing is used by organisations to communicate intermediary-free with their target audiences. Communication channels can include mail, telemarketing, mobile/SMS messaging and email. Why is direct marketing relevant to law firms? The benefits of direct marketing are: Maintaining contact and dialogue with existing clients. This is particularly useful between instructions when you would otherwise not […]

Managing an Event (and How to Do it Properly!)

Event management is about creating and developing events and conferences to meet marketing and business objectives. There are three main types of events: product, corporate and community events. Product and/or service events: focused on creating awareness, generating interest (usually through media attention) and increasing sales, typically geared to new product or service launches. Conferences and […]

Legal PR (and How to Do it Effectively!)

Public relations (PR) is a management process used to influence and shape the attitudes and opinions held by a law firm’s target audiences, which could include clients, target clients, employees and suppliers. PR can help firms achieve broader marketing objectives eg: Improve profile and raise visibility of a law firm build relationships generate interest and […]

Advertising Legal Services (How to Go About It!)

law firm advertising

Advertising is any paid-for form of non-personal promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identifiable organisation. Advertising offers law firms a high degree of control for the design and delivery of messages and can be a cost-effective way to disseminate messages, whether to build a preference for an idea/good/service/organisation or to educate people. The […]

Creating a Marketing Plan for a Law Firm

Law firms operate in complex environments in which many environmental and internal factors affect their ability to meet client needs and achieve organisational objectives. Those responsible for marketing within firms need to be rational about their marketing decisions. Marketing planning helps firms sharpen this rationality so as to reduce the complexity of the challenge they […]

Law Firm Marketing Plan (Doing an Audit!)

Before embarking on a programme of marketing, your firm must first assess where it is now, what has been done in the past and what it needs to do in the future to achieve its objectives. Conducting a basic marketing function audit A basic marketing function audit will help your firm’s marketing activities to become […]